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Web Services & GDS Integration

As an offshore web development company, at SynapseWebSolutions we provide Web Services to make the applications into Web applications. Web Service (W3C) is the software system that has been designed for supporting interaction like Machine to Machine over the network. Web Services, which are application components, utilize open protocols for communicating and are discovere with UDDI. They are self-describing, as well as self-contained and their basic platform is XML, the basis of Web services along with HTTP. Using XML, as a website development company we express messages, as well as functions that are complex between several platforms and various programming languages.

We find Web Services on the Internet use and publish it through Web. The platform of Web Services is simple, with messaging and interoperable framework. Through the advancement of SOAP, routing and also security are made stronger. It allows easier communication between applications for building service oriented distributed systems

Web Service

  • After establishing the needs of the client we provide options in a format of sliding scale, so that client can determine which option is most suitable in their budget. We take care to offer competitive pricing.
  • We offer bespoke web solutions for web design and development, hosting solutions and search engine marketing.
  • Our web based applications are reusable.
  • Accessible through several hardware platforms and different operating systems.
  • Formatting data that has been retrieved by protocol, for transferring data we use SOAP, to describe if a Web Service is available WSDL is used and to get available service lists UDDI is utilized.
  • We develop Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the connection of Web Services for sharing XML tagged data across network.
  • Our highly skilled professionals develop application components for our clients to use it in applications.
  • Our collaborative approach ensures that customers receive applications, which exceed expectations they have.

GDS Integration

At SynapseWebSolutions, we provide world class GDS integration, according to the needs of our clients. Our experts are aware that it is necessary to fully grasp the intricacies of this system of electronic distribution to contribute to the needs of the travel industry. Global Data Systems have always been the main source of bookings used by the travel agents. It connects a massive network of computers in thousands that enables the travel agents to make Computer Based Reservations (CBR). It had been very expensive and hence not within the grasp of small groups.

Only bigger groups had been able to avail this facility as it involved huge amount for booking and transacting fees and the commissions of agents. But now the situation has changed and we provide cost effective solutions using the latest technology. Our knowledge of the travel domain and process know-how has given us the freedom to ensure that we are able to give very effectual and customized services.

SynapseWebSolutions provides integration of numerous GDS into a single web application. Depending on the individual needs, we deliver effective GDS Integration services to cater to the changing requirements of travel e-commerce, by using state of the art technology when developing web applications, which instigate a thorough change for the better.

GDS Integration

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