SilverLight Applications

SilverLight Applications Development

We have been recognised as the most reputed Microsoft Silverlight application development company in London, UK. Our expertise in developing Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight framework stands us apart in the application development industry. We use this framework for developing highly interactive gaming and multimedia based applications.

Silverlight Application Development at SynapseWebSolutions

The Silverlight application development services of SynapseWebSolutions takes care of businesses representing diverse industry verticals. Some of the highlights of our service pertaining to Silverlight development include:

Management of the entire life cycle of the project.

Database integration.

Incorporation with .NET applications for enhanced feature and functionalities.

Component development and JavaScript integration.

User interface design and implementation of audio, video and animation.

Complete incorporation with SharePoint server-based applications as and when required.

Custom Silverlight Application

Custom Silverlight Application Development

We recognize the requirements of our clients and engage ourselves in creating:

  • Custom Silverlight application solutions for all kind of businesses.
  • Webpages using HTML and WPF elements.
  • Development of cross browser and cross-platform compatible applications.
  • RIA using Silverlight, JavaScript and .NET languages.
  • Localized application development using Silverlight features.

Advantages of Silverlight

Some of the key advantages of Silverlight are:

  • Its cross-platform compatible applications render price advantage to users and application developers as well.
  • Rich design support and rapid application development support.
  • Programming model supports Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby on Rails.
  • Supports 2D vector graphics, high resolution video, animations and high definition audio.
  • Updates automatically.
  • Read by search engine crawlers.
  • Supports WCF, LINQ and WPF frameworks.
  • Light-weight plug-ins lead to least system resource use.
  • Easy to adapt with .NET development community guidelines.
SWS SilverLight Development

The above given advantages make Silverlight a far superior option in the available Rich Internet Application development field. The rich features and applications of Silverlight adapt easily with Microsoft development norms and widely being used for rapid application development - resulting in better performance and attuned to modern multimedia features.

Why Silverlight is preferred?

Microsoft Silverlight is considered to be one of the most popular web based RIA development technology that seamlessly works on desktop, web as well as mobile environments. Following is a terse elaboration of some specialties of the Silverlight technology:

Applications for all major OS environments:
Silverlight applications are attuned for the Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

  • Advanced Graphics Support:

    Support for JavaScript, scalable multimedia, sophisticated .NET framework and 2D vector graphics makes Silverlight a far superior alternative to run Rich Internet Applications.

  • Rapid Development Possibility:

    A superior code library and robust application framework of Microsoft's Silverlight helps in rapid web application development.

  • Multiple Programming Language Support:

    Silverlight application development supports multiple languages like Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby on Rails.

  • AJAX:

    Support of AJAX results in better performance of Silverlight applications.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals with great industry knowledge & years of expertise ensure that your business reaches unrivaled position & sets a new level of success.