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Dashboard Application Development

Dashboards are the interfaces that help users to explore/manage the content of a site in a better way. An inventive dashboard offers a visual display of information collated from different key sources. Due to various uses of dashboards, dashboard application development services are much in demand and involve experience and creativity on the developer's part.

Dashboard App Development Services we Offer

Dashboard application development involves understanding and defining the user interface as well as KPI of the product and identifying the channel of efficient information communication. We attend to this requirement by virtue of our experience and skilled professionals. The dashboard development and deployment services we provide include:

  • Conceptualization, creation and deployment of dashboard solutions.
  • GUI design and post-deployment maintenance.
  • Development of dashboard app and taking complete care of connectivity, allocation, refresh and safety concerns.
  • Aiding in efficient dashboard knowledge transfer services through e-learning arrangements and workshops.
SWS Dashboard Application development

In addition to the above broader areas of dashboard development services, our all-encompassing range of dashboard application development service includes:

SWS Dashboard Application development  Services
  • Data collection from different systems of the organization.
  • Understanding the complex data and then presenting them in a visually attractive and clear form. Such forms can be graphs, maps, grids, charts or any other graphical media.
  • Mapping of BI solutions as per the requirements of the end-user
  • Develop performance centric BI solutions using vigorous and flexible dashboard frameworks.
  • To enable elaborate view for required set of data with drill-down and rollover facilities and develop options for graphical view of data in grid view, chart view etc.
  • Minimising development cost and maximizing returns by building BI solutions on existing technological investments. The end data can be exported to other formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML etc.

Advantages of Dashboard Development

Dashboard web application development aids in the easy collation of business/enterprise data obtained from multiple sources. This application facilitates businesses to execute plans and then allocate ownership to each key performance indicator. The effective data integration method also encourages teamwork by allowing users to chat, view the offline or online status of the participants and send e-mails to them.

In addition to these, an effective dashboard app helps in obtaining latest information for better decision making. Dashboards identify and analyse opportunities and also recognise the trends. Dashboards play a big role in helping businesses taking appropriate action in time.

SWS Offshore Dashboard Application development services

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