Redesign a Travel Website


Our Endeavor

Real Africa, a UK-based travel company which is specialized in safari holidays. The company is involved in offering exclsuive safari holidays throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, including Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Namibia. While working on the website enhancements, we have redesigned the website look by using a new logo and color scheme. For making changes in a logo, we have used some different colors shades of green, gray etc. Moreover, we have also added some additional feature into the design. Moreover, for designed the home page, we have converted it into the HTML. For additional features on the website, we suggested the client, to use a pop-up for it, and have implemented the same into the page.

Further, the client asked our team to make few enhancements in the website functionality. The task asked by the client to do are following:

  • To add a new section in the Admin Panel for adding/updating the new pages as well as a photo to show the content on the website's front-end.
  • To make slideshow changes and forms live on the server.
  • In admin and front-end section, add a five photos and the main photo feature on guide, lodge, and offer pages same as it in the Family page.
  • Perform Google code adding to the website's footer to allow a remarketing campaign in AdWords.
  • On the Holiday Pages and Tailor Pages, add the "Address" fields in the emails. Make to remove the right-hand section, and add the link at the bottom so the Admin is able to update it themselves.

While working on the site enhancements, our team did the following tasks:

  • Added a new section in the Admin Panel to add/update the new pages, as well as managed the database and shown the content on the front-end of the website.
  • Updated the script in the special3.php page to show the information from the special3_admin.php page.
  • Made the major changes live off the slideshow view on all the Itinerary pages and the Lodge pages.
  • Added a Google code in the website footer.
  • Updated the script to upload the main photo of the page Content Management Section in the Admin Panel.
  • Added the five photo and main photo feature in admin and front-end section on lodge, guide and offer pages.
  • On the Holiday pages and the Tailor pages, we have added the "Address" fields in the emails.
  • Added the Link feature and removed the right section on the 3 pages - lodge, offers, guide in the Admin Panel as well as the front-end firstly in the Dev server then after client's confirmation on the Live server of the website.

Client Brief:

The client "Real Africa" wanted us to recreate their existing website that provides a complete information about their various tour packages that are offered by them for traveling in different parts of Africa.


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