Kingshill Jewellers - Developing Magento Website

Our Endeavor

Each and every detail about the project was discussed by the team. With intense synchronization between the designers and developers has been taken care in order to get the best product output. Also, at every step, we make sure that the end user finds this online store most stylish, elegant and user-friendly store. Moreover, the online store is totally compatible to the latest search engine standards.

Required Functionality In the Website

  • Before making a purchase, the user needs to register with the site. The potential customers need to fill up the integrated fields such as username/password, name, address, phone number, zipcode, etc. Once they are registered, they need to use the same credentials for log-in. Even, Email IDs also need to be used for registration, which is also useful for retrieve the forgotten password.
  • Users can easily view and edit their account details like shipping, billing address, etc.
  • They can view the various details about the product available on the site; narrowing down their search by selecting various categories and sub-categories is also possible.
  • The users can add their favorite products to the shopping cart and can pay for them while checking them out. If they do not make their purchase, the search results can be saved and referred to later.
  • The homepage will show notifications whenever a new product was added.
  • There are messages for products that are out of stock
  • They can view an invoice, stating the actual price including or excluding all taxes and additional costs of the product(s) they are going to buy. After successful purchasing of a product, the product inventory will be updated.

The admin enjoys the following attributes

  • Basically, a cool front-end cannot stand still without a strong back-end. So, we have implemented the following functionalities to help the admin keep a complete control over the website:
  • The admin can manage (add/delete/modify) product categories and product sub categories on the site. We have enabled the administrator to add an unlimited number of product categories and sub-categories on the website.
  • The admin can keep a details records of the available stock. Moreover, they can easily manage (add/delete/modify) the list of available products on the site. He/she can add new product name and description along with an image of the same and can upload a wide product information by importing excel files.
  • The admin can also manages the price list, offers, discounts and "on sale" items. He/she will assign the value of items and will also decide upon the referral rewards value.
  • The admin can scan the products ordered or purchased item list, and generate an invoice after payment. He/she can also manage the users. He/she can add/delete/modify registered users.

Client Brief:

Kingshill Jewellers has approached us for designing and developing an online jewellery store. In the project, an eCommerce website with an integrated shopping cart is need to develop in Magento. This is a UK-based online jewelry store that provides an ample range of delectable jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.




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