More About Shamit Khemka

More About Shamit Khemka

Besides mentoring team of Synapsewebsolutions, Shamit Khemka also contributes his time and support for various social causes.

Shamit Khemka believes in helping people & children who are under privileged and supports foundations working for improving healthcare, basic facilities & education in the society. Shamit Khemka's company Synapsewebsolutions strengthened its commitment to various social causes. Social concerns are not only in the interest of stakeholders of Synapsewebsolutions, but employees are also encouraged to made their contribution towards society.

Shamit Khemka

Shamit KhemkaDreaming of Success is never enough. You need to wake up and work hard at it.

- Shamit Khemka

From a long period of time, Shamit Khemka has been a member of Entrepreneur's organization community through which he get a chance to meet & exchange ideas with world's best entrepreneurs. Shamit Khemka is currently serving the EO community as the Regional Director 2014-2016 for South Asia. His extraordinary support and guidance has many new startups in growing and achieving desired success.

Synapsewebsolutions's 15th Foundation day event organized in month of Feb 2015 where company employees celebrated remarkable achievements. Managing Director Shamit Khemka announced to giveaway Tablet devices to all employees in the event. He also took opportunity to convey his thanks & appreciate employees for their incredible job that made Synapsewebsolutions considered amongst the most reputed IT companies.

Shamit Khemka believes a perfect balance between work and life is very important for any professional. He encourages HR teams at Synapsewebsolutions to make employees indulge in fun activities & celebrations to give them a break from continuous work. Many fun and team building activities are held through the year by the Synapsewebsolutions HR team in which employees from various departments actively participate.

Working in the IT sector since 1994, Mr. Shamit Khemka will now mentor the Digital & Technical team of Eternal Hindu foundation. Shashwat Bharatam, an initiative by the foundation, is completely supported by him.

Shamit Khemka on Managing difficult people at work

Every person is different and can't all be treated in same way. Shamit Khemka's ability to lead and motivate people is one of the greatest qualities he has. Shamit Khemka has managed and led people for many years who belonged to different skill sets & backgrounds. According to him its important to appreciate employees in order to keep their morale up.

Shamit Khemka has done various management courses that speaks of his experience in managerial skills. Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka has a comprehensive expertise in areas of executive management, business ownership, project management, consulting, and e-business. An active philanthropist and social activist, Shamit Khemka is also indulged in several social causes.

Achievements of Shamit Khemka

Appreciation from former president of India and legendary personality, Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has been really overwhelming for skills of Shamit Khemka. He said "It's an opportunity when one come across to an entrepreneur who not only leads employees with example but also supports in their growth. He is one of finest IT mentors who has constantly guided and supported employees of the organization that reflects the current reputation of the organization."

Particular Strategic Summits are additionally organized in different cities of India to work at change of the working process in the organization. Shamit Khemka has also attended several strategic summits. It combines complete alliance of employees that gives their insights and recommendation on an open forum for exchange. He was also the speaker of the couple of such key summits. "The thought behind such summits is to update the working procedure of the company and take proposals from individuals incorporated at the same time." as said by Founder & Director Shamit Khemka. These open forums not only benefits the organization to improve the process but also benefit the employees on personal level.Synapsewebsolutions is also selected as Best Company to Work for Software Development by SiliconIndia. Synapsewebsolutions Founder & Director Shamit Khemka ensures 100% client satisfaction and a great work environment for employees to work. He also supports and motivates employees to perform better at work and ensure work-life balance.

Shamit Khemka with APJ Abdul Kalam

Shamit Khemka in News

Synapsewebsolutions Founder & Director Shamit Khemka reacts to India's new startup policy, unveiled by Prime minister Modi in Government's "Startup India" program. He is happy that government recognized the startup space in India in such a big and official manner. He appreciated some measurable benefits of the action plan that will help startups. See more what Shamit Khemka has to say about StartupIndia programs:

Shamit Khemka attended SURGE conference, Web Summit's vision for a new type of tech conference for India in Feb 2016.

He believes, “Equality for women is progress for all”. He supports the company's initiative to celebrate International women's day event to recognize & appreciate the contributions of women employees.

As company has grown from startup to a leading IT organization, he has always been Encouraging innovation through an egalitarian culture.

Shamit Khemka has stumbled upon to the Startup policies unveiled by Indian government through its Startup India program.

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